Pre-Wired Rn3 Radon Fan System



Never hire an electrician to wire your radon fans again! This pre-wired Rn3 radon system includes a fully-connected electrical box with disconnect switch and pre-wired conduit to comply with National Radon Standards. The electrical box has a built-in raceway (rigid tube) for the wiring to pass from outside to inside and comply with all electrical codes. The indoor portion of the system has a 6-foot cord with plug to power the system without any wiring needed.

The TB100 Transition Box is the first ever, fully-patented device that facilitates an outdoor radon fan being plugged into an indoor outlet. Simply drill a 1” diameter hole next to the radon pipe and fan and mount the Transition Box. This pre-wired electrical box has an integrated disconnect switch and conduit on the outdoor portion to comply with AARST Radon Standards. The indoor portion has a quick connect cable system that facilitates fast, easy activation from an existing outlet located within 6-feet of the system entry point.

NOTE: If the indoor outlet that will be powering the pre-wired Rn3 radon system is further than 6-feet from the system entry point, consider using a PressureTech low voltage system (PT2DC-4 or PT2DC-6) which allows the power supply to be remotely-located from the entry point. Use a low voltage system with a Connection Cable of appropriate length to connect remotely-located power supply to fan.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 13.25 × 13.25 × 11.25 in


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