PressureTech is changing the game for the radon industry with the introduction of the most effective and energy efficient radon fan ever developed! For the first time ever, a residential radon fan is capable of achieving extraordinary levels of static pressure while operating quietly and efficiently. PressureTech will conquer radon problems under the most challenging conditions including clay soil, compacted sand, and even bedrock.

PressureTech has revolutionized the radon fan industry by utilizing DC motor technology which can achieve much higher air flow and suction than typical radon fans. Until PressureTech, radon fans have been made using outdated and inefficient AC motor technology. The PressureTech radon fan is capable to producing over 5 times more static pressure than the leading radon fans and can do so using a fraction of the electricity!
At the heart of the PressureTech fan is an ultra-efficient, computer-controlled direct current motor with integrated impeller system for years of trouble-free continuous operation.

One of the biggest advantages of PressureTech fans over traditional radon fans is the low voltage motor. In fact, the voltage is so low that most jurisdictions do not require an electrical license or permits to wire the fan!

PressureTech’s fans can be used for virtually any radon mitigation or vapor intrusion application, residential or commercial. The pressure adjustment dial allows you to adjust the flow of the system in conjunction with your diagnostic testing to achieve optimal negative pressure below the slab. With suction capabilities exceeding 10-inches of water column, there is no project that this fan can’t handle!
PressureTech is excited to introduce the radon fan that will put an end to problem houses once and for all! So, don’t delay; try a PressureTech radon fan on your next installation and experience for yourself the future of the radon mitigation industry!

The extraordinary thing about the PressureTech fan is that you don’t have to wait until you have a problem house to use it. Although it can handle those homes with difficult soil conditions, this fan is quiet and energy-efficient enough to use for your everyday installations.

Using the PressureTech product gives the mitigator a clear advantage over their competitors. Not only does it have suction capabilities far beyond anything else on the market, but the motor actually runs on a low voltage current. What this means is that many of the expenses associated with the installation are eliminated. For example, most municipalities do not require a licensed electrician for low voltage wiring. Many of the permits and subsequent inspection fees are not necessary when using this fan. And, quite frankly, the fact that it is low voltage completely eliminates the risk of electrical hazards that are associated with wiring higher voltages.

There are a lot of radon contractors out there who are walking a fine line by doing their own wiring of 110volt fans. In most states, this is simply illegal and puts both the homeowner and the installer at risk. This type of liability nightmare can be now be avoided thanks to the low voltage technology PressureTech is bringing to the table.

The radon industry simply has never seen a product like this. There’s just nothing else like it on Earth! This product could change the game and make those “nightmare” mitigation jobs a thing of the past.